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Greensboro Eagles Elite Sports is a multi-faceted business focused on building core values in our community from youth to adulthood. Our goal is to provide a solid framework for youth development and social enrichment programs. We strive to bridge the gap between diverse groups within our community. Through our various programs, we encourage long-term affiliation with our organization throughout a child’s development years so they may build positive relationships and recognize the importance of being intellectually, socially and physically empowered. 

Our mission is to focus on the physical well-being and athletic ability of our athletes. We pride ourselves in holding high standards for athletes in the programs we offer. We showcase the talents of athletes on a larger scale.  Our Elite Training programs help to build champions sought out by recruiters around the country. Our dynamic team fosters a holistic approach by offering specialized conditioning, speed and agility training, health and wellness clinics and much more!

Why Should You Join Greensboro Eagles Elite Sports?

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What differentiates Greensboro Eagles Elite Sports from other programs?  We offer a holistic approach to athletic development by focusing on the key elements that make you an explosive competitor.  We take sports to the next level by providing a framework that enables our athletes to easily transition from our program into high school and collegiate programs . We help athletes:

  • Build self-esteem, self-respect, self-discipline and dignity
  • Improve social interaction with peers and adults
  • Develop talents, sportsmanship, and learn how to control emotions
  • Recognize the importance of teamwork
  • Deal with adversity and criticism
  • Have fun!

Youth Leadership Program

Community service is about helping others either directly or indirectly in order to make the world a better place. It is our belief that if everyone gives a little in our local community, the world can become a better place a little bit at a time.   Make a difference!

Tackle Football

Greensboro Eagles Elite Football is open to ages 5-14.  We prepare athletes by teaching the fundamentals of the sport while demonstrating the importance of accountability, sportsmanship, hard work and teamwork.


Greensboro Eagles Elite Cheer is open to ages 5-14.  We provide a place for all cheerleaders who wish to learn the fundamentals of the sport while having fun.  Regardless of skill level, we have a place for everyone.  Are you ready for a challenge?

Track & Field

Greensboro Eagles Elite Football is open to ages 4-18.  We provide our athletes with an opportunity to develop their athletic skills in a competitive environment.  Youth will learn the fundamentals of the sport and learn to compete at the highest level.


Greensboro Eagles Elite Basketball is focused on positioning our athletes to build the skills necessary to compete at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels.  Our goal is to help you reach your fullest potential all while having fun!


Fast Pitch is considered the most competitive form of softball.  Our program provides athletes with varying skills levels an opportunity to compete as they increase their knowledge of  the various elements of the game If you love the sport, then Eagles Softball is for you!


Support Greensboro Eagles Elite Sports with a donation to our donation campaign.  Each year, our organization assists individuals in our community and works to expand our programs and without donations from individuals like you, this is not be possible. 


Your willingness to help in our community makes all the difference for the many student athletes that participate in our programs. Your donation helps us offset the costs to support the various needs of our athletic programs and those athletes from diverse backgrounds who may not have the financial ability to pay. It also helps to offset equipment costs which can be very expensive.


It allows us to invest more in protective measures for both contact and no contact sports, support our departing college students, invest in coaches education, contribute to our feed the homeless campaign and much more.

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Interested in becoming a team sponsor?  We would love to have you support our programs while gaining visibility for your company or cause.  Contact Teresa Morris at or 336-763-1696 for sponsorship opportunities.

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