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Welcome to Greensboro Eagles Wrestling

Wrestling develops a physically strong base and it also teaches life lessons that can be used in various other parts of an athlete's life. Wrestling teaches good work habits, dedication and but it also demands a lot of hard work

Wrestling provides cross-over skills that transfer from one sport to another allowing for greater athletic potential.

The Eagles Wrestling Club is open to athletes ages 7 to age 18. Regardless of your wrestling experience, our coaching staff is focused on helping you develop self-discipline and build self-confidence all while having fun.  We participate in both freestyle and traditional wrestling 

Athletes must come to each practice willing to work hard. "Heart is the difference between those who attempt and those who achieve". If you're interested in developing your skills, Eagles Wrestling is the right sport to help you build a solid athletic foundation.

Gold medals aren't really made of gold. 

They're made of sweat, determination,and a hard-to-find alloy called guts!

Greensboro Eagles Wrestling 2014

Athletes will participate in both Freestyle and Traditional style wrestling formats.  This promotes versatility in our athletes and teaches them to transition between multiple wrestling styles.

We encourage all Greensboro Eagles Football athletes to consider Wrestling as an extension of their training as it helps you to build a solid base and is an easy transition between sports.

We are currently recruiting volunteer coaches for the 2014 season.  For more information, contact Director of Wrestling Programs, Mike Shaw at or 336-272-7671.

Contact Us

Communication is important to us!  Need to reach a member of our team? Contact our Director of Wrestling Programs, Mike Shaw, at or 336-272-7671. 

Fun Facts

Coach Mike Shaw

We bet you didn't know that Coach Mike was a household name in Wrestling during his competitive years at Page High School.  

Mike also continues to wrestle in Adult events and loves teaching our youth proper technique, foundation and life lessons that will shape them into remarkable young men.

Wrestling Meeting

There will be a season walk through meeting onsite at Ben L. Smith HS for all athletes interested in participating in Greensboro Eagles Wrestling. 

Athletes should arrive by 5:00pm on April 4th. Please contact Mike Shaw at 336-601-5825.