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The Eagles Sports Management Group provides athletic programs and training that offer a wholesome, enjoyable experience in sports while teaching the core values of athletic competition (teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline, and respect for others).  Our competitive sports programs are geared towards athletes who have competed at varying levels to those who are just starting out in the development of their skills.  We leverage our experience to help athletes achieve peak performance, enhancing their skill set so they may compete at the highest level.  

Our mission is to focus on the physical well-being and athletic ability of our athletes. We pride ourselves in holding high standards for both the athletes and coaches in the programs we offer. We showcase the talents of athletes on a larger scale.  Our Elite Training Programs focus on athlete development and building Champions.  Our dynamic team fosters a holistic approach by offering specialized conditioning, speed and agility training, health and wellness clinics and much more!

Want to learn more about the Eagles Sports Management Group?  Schedule a meeting and gain a better understanding of how the Eagles fits into both your academic and athletic aspirations.  For more information, contact us at info@greensboroeagles.com or 336-272-7671.

Words from the Helm

We promote a Family First philosophy.  It is important that the Eagles brand be projected in the manner in which it was designed; to be an business that caters to the needs of those in our community.  We strive to build partnerships that enrich the lives of participants in our programs and those in our community. We do not engage in activities that are non-productive or disruptive to the experience our athletes receive.

It is proven that sports have the power to unite all people regardless of gender, race, or financial background. It has the ability to promote fairness and tolerance, leapfrogs gender boundaries and fosters mutual understanding, thereby contributing to the positive development of personality and character. 

Our team of volunteers support these initiatives without exception as we understand the unique opportunity we have to impart our knowledge and positively influence the families in our programs.

When making the decision to get your child involved in sports, choose a program that is in line with your personal vision and goals for your child's development. There are many youth programs in the area that offer similar programs to the Eagles and we support their efforts to build their programs as well.  The ultimate goal is to get all youth engaged in a program that helps them grow into productive citizens while having the time of their lives.


Eagles Elite Basketball provides athletes with the opportunity to develop their athletic career by showcasing their talents. 

When making the decision to get involved in sports, it's important to pick the right team. Choose a team based on the program's commitment to their athletes, the coach's philosophy and experience and how well the coach will help with basketball knowledge and life skills.  Eagles Elite Basketball is open to athletes grades 8th - 11th.

Season Dates:  March - June

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or someone just learning the game of football, there is a place for you on our team. Eagles Elite Football is a member of one of the most competitive unlimited weight leagues around. 

Eagles Elite Football is open to athletes ages 5-15.  Registration for the 2014 season is currently open.  

To learn more, contact a member of our staff.  Get registered today!

Season Dates:  August - January
Greensboro Eagles Elite Cheer provides a place for all cheerleaders who wish to learn the fundamentals of cheer while having fun. 

Regardless of age and ability, we have a place for everyone. Our athletes will be provided with the tools necessary to help them reach their fullest potential, but most importantly, they are taught how to work together as a team for a common goal.

Season Dates:  August - December

Wrestling develops a physically strong base and it also teaches life lessons that can be used in various other parts of an athlete's life.  Wrestling provides cross-over skills that transfer from one sport to another allowing for greater athletic potential.  

Regardless of your wrestling experience, our coaching staff is focused on helping you develop self-discipline and build self-confidence all while having fun.   Eagles Elite Wrestling is open to athletes ages 5-18.  

Season Dates:  March - June

Music and Arts are essential to promoting creativity and a love for music.  In 2015, we will be launching our marching band to include dancers and our flag team. 

We are excited about this project and the ability for our youth to get involved in such a fun activity.

Stay tuned for more information.

Season Dates: August - December 

The Eagles Elite Young Scholars program is designed to foster learning at the highest level, promote civic engagement through community service, volunteerism and leadership.

This program supports exceptional students who have demonstrated, through academic excellence and extracurricular activities, that they have the unique skills and talent to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Season Dates:  Year Round

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Are you interested in the volunteer experience of a lifetime?  Join the Greensboro Eagles Sports Management Group!  We are looking for dedicated individuals with a desire to give back to our community all while mentoring and helping to empower the lives of others.  To learn about open opportunities, contact us at info@greensboroeagles.com
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